Last week our office closed down for most of the day to give thanks to our support staff, all of whom are so critical to the success of the Thurman Law Firm.  It gave me a chance to reflect on how lucky I am to be surrounded by good people.

Fourteen years ago I became a part of the Thurman Law Firm.  Everyday, I get to work with 10 other attorneys and thirteen staff members all of which I know are the best at what they do.  I know that everyday all of us are working together to deliver the best legal service possible.

With eleven attorneys the Thurman Law Firm is the largest Law Firm in Jefferson County.  Being surrounded by so many quality attorneys has not only made me a better attorney, it has also given each one of my clients quick access to a specialist in almost every area of practice.  For example, a client dealing with an injury case has access to our family law experts to advise as to how a divorce will impact the economic damages of an injury case. One cannot be an expert at every single area of law.  It takes a team of well trained and experienced attorneys to truly be an all purpose firm.

Regardless of which of our attorneys is first contacted, we make sure that a member of our firm who concentrates in that area of the law will handle your case.

We are not a “Corporate Law Firm,” a “Criminal Defense firm” or a “Family Law firm.”  We are simply a firm that will professionally deliver the best legal service available, no matter the type of specialty our clients need.

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– Derrick Good is a Partner of the Thurman Law Firm