While many families biggest purchases in life usually includes their home and vehicles, the biggest investment any family can make is not in your 401k, but rather in protecting the health and well being of your children.  This becomes even more critical with children under the age of eighteen, as they may be unable to care for themselves in the event of a tragedy to the primary caregiver.  While you may not see the benefit of estate planning during your lifetime, you can rest assured that your children will be well protected and taken care of provided the proper steps are taken to protect your most important assets.

It is difficult in these economic times to set aside the funds for proper estate planning; however, families with small children cannot afford to risk the uncertainties associated with leaving your children unprotected.  This protection can include setting aside assets and accounts to help your children through college, securing the home and roof over their head or even making sure that your child has a wedding gift waiting for her even if you may be watching from above.

It is never pleasant to discuss the inevitable; however, delaying a conversation with your estate planning attorney will not only create uncertainty in the event of your passing, but leave your biggest assets in jeopardy of crashing.  Having a young daughter of my own, I urge you to contact one of our firm’s qualified and experienced estate planning attorneys and make an investment in estate planning that will guarantee to pay off dividends for your children in the long run.