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Why I like to practice law.

As a child I enjoyed working on puzzles.  Every Christmas my parents would get a new puzzle that we would complete as a family.  As I got older the puzzles became more challenging and I became aware that it became more important to work with others to solve the puzzles.  I quickly realized everyone has a different perspective when looking at a puzzle and what one person may not see another person may see immediately.  I have noticed that these same principals carry over into my legal practice as well.

One of the reasons I enjoy practicing law is that I often find the same principals of working together and solving puzzles apply to working with a client to solve that client’s needs.  Each client that comes in the door has his or her own unique problems, circumstances, and goals.  It is important to piece together why the client is seeking legal help or advice of an attorney.  Sometimes clients come in and know exactly what they want, although at times they may not be fully aware of other options available. Often clients know they have a problem but do not know how to solve the problem.  Therefore, it becomes important to know each client’s unique circumstances and have a clear understanding of his or her desires, so that the attorney and client can work together to accomplish the desired goals.

Whether I am putting together estate planning documents, helping a business, or working with an individual or business entity to solve their other needs, there are always unique pieces to each client’s puzzle.  I enjoy the challenges of understanding the circumstances that a client faces and what I can do to best represent that client’s interests.  I look forward to the challenge that each client brings, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with and help a client piece together the solution to that client’s problem.

Adam C. Renner Attorney - Thurman Law Firm

Adam C. Renner
Attorney – Thurman Law Firm