Have you or a loved one been injured and need legal representation? At the Thurman Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing quality client service and legal representation for accident victims. Our personal injury lawyers and staff welcome clients to bring questions and encourage inquiries about available legal options. Personal injury is the area of law that covers any wrong or damage done to another in his or her person, property, rights, or reputation. A personal injury can happen at your place of employment, in a car accident (for which you would need to contact professionals similar to the ones at a auto repair shop Lynchburg), because of a faulty product or repair, or a mistake during a medical procedure. A personal injury is deemed actionable if it occurs as a result of negligence or unreasonable unsafe actions on the part of your landlord, employer, manufacturer, or possibly even your doctor.

After suffering a personal injury in an accident, life can become very difficult. For example, if your car were to meet with an accident owing to the negligence of the other driver, you are liable to receive compensation. However, due to the accident, your car may have suffered enough damage that you may have to seek out the services of auto repair in Lakewood CO (or the ones in your vicinity) and it could cost you a certain amount. While it can be recovered from the compensation that you receive, it could still take time to get the money. As for the physical injuries sustained, it can affect your ability to work, take care of your family, and ultimately your ability to pay your bills. Adding the proverbial insult to injury, dealing with insurance companies and the legal system on your own can be discouraging, if not overwhelming. Often these claims are denied or vehemently contested by the insurance companies, requiring the affected to seek the help of companies like Curo Financial Services (learn more about them here) in order to get the compensation they are entitled to.

We understand how difficult it is to be to be seriously injured or to have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others. Although no one knows your personal suffering better than you, we endeavor to understand our clients’ specific injuries, outstanding medical costs, or employment wage loss associated with injuries so through settlement or decision we can offset the injustice in every way the law allows. Our practice of law is personal when it comes to representing the legal interests of our clients and their families. Our commitment allows an injured party to focus on getting well and getting back to their everyday lives, while our personal injury lawyers take care of their important legal rights and interests.

Our primary objective is to win your case. Because the facts of each legal matter differ, we will customize our approach to achieve the best possible outcome and resolution. If you have suffered harm at the hands of others in an accident or negligence, we will fight for your rights. It will be your decision whether to accept a settlement or aggressively litigate your case. Please call 636-797-2601 to contact one of our attorneys who will handle all aspects of your case and will work diligently to help you get what you deserve.