As tower companies become more and more aggressive in pursuing tower lease extensions or the buyout of these leases, landowners often find themselves in a rush to make a decision on an offer. However, as many of these tower leases have a substantial number of years remaining, my first advice to landowners typically involves any advice that a parent might give a stressed-out child – take a deep breathe, calm down, and be patient.

The tower company wants you to rush to judgment in hopes that a landowner might make a mistake and agree to a lease extension or buyout that leaves significant dollars and cents on the table. However, with a little patience, homework, and the right documentation, these negotiations can often be won by the landowner.

In particular, the most common question I receive from my clients is “what is my tower worth?” While the attorney may have past experiences that help form a valuation opinion, an expert is truly needed in order to place a value on your tower lease that can be used for negotiations.

Our office partners with cellphone tower appraisers all over the country that will value your tower and arm the attorney with the right ammunition for a contested negotiation.

If you truly want to know the power of your tower, contact our office to arrange an appraisal today.

Brandon Moonier

Brandon Moonier