It is important to review your estate plan as life circumstances change.  Changes such as moving out of state, purchasing real estate not in your state of residence changes in your family structure, changes substantially effecting the health or financial condition of any of your intended beneficiaries, changes in state or federal law, are each examples of the many events that warrant a review of your estate plan.  The changes made in the amount of the unified gift and estate tax exemption has affected many estate plans prepared when the amount of the exemption was substantially less than the current amount.

If you have not reviewed your estate plan for some period of time, a conference should be scheduled with an attorney of the Thurman Law Firm to review your plan and be sure that it is up to date and serves your present estate planning goals.  If your present estate planning goals are not satisfied, we will assist you in developing the estate plan that does satisfy your goals.


John W. Howald

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