My grandpa loved to garden. During the summer months one of my fondest childhood memories is sitting at his kitchen table slicing a freshly picked tomato from his homegrown garden. Compared to the store bought tomato that was shipped from miles and miles away and grown in unnatural soils, that hand-picked homegrown tomato of my grandpa’s was miles ahead of the store bought brand even though it was picked less than fifty feet from the vine to the table. The point of this tale? The homegrown product was and is significantly better. This certainly applies to your choice of an attorney.


Being located within thirty seconds from the Jefferson County Courthouse at the courthouse square in Hillsboro, the Thurman Law Firm offers a unique advantage over its out of County competitors – the efficiency of being neighbors with the courthouse and having nearly seventy years of knowledge of the Jefferson County area. There are no charges to our clients for drive time to the Jefferson County Courthouse and no lag in having access to the court records and clerks that are the gatekeepers to the local judges. Many of the courthouse members and staff have known and practiced with our attorneys for over thirty years which makes navigating the procedures of the courthouse more efficient for our clients. Knowing the intimate landscape of the happenings in Jefferson County allows us to react quickly and efficiently to any client need that may arise. Our attorneys can be seen at local charity events, supporting girl and boy scout troops, and organizing food drives for those in need in Jefferson County.

If you had the choice between the attorney that works, lives and knows Jefferson County like the back of their hand and the attorney that doesn’t, what choice would you make? The answer is easy. Just like the tomato, choose local. Choose the Thurman Law Firm.

Brandon Moonier Attorney and Partner

Brandon Moonier
Attorney and Partner