Thurman Law Firm debt collection attorneys represent business owners and individuals in the collection of unpaid debts and proceedings to enforce judgments throughout the State of Missouri.  We also work with secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy filings, insolvency proceedings, corporate reorganizations, and actions to repossess equipment and other collateral.  Furthermore, the Thurman Law Firm handles the collection of debt secured by real property as well.  Our foreclosure attorneys work quickly and diligently to secure our client’s interest.

Collection and related matters that we handle include:

  • Actions to enforce promissory notes
  • Construction lien enforcement & foreclosure
  • Fraudulent conveyances of real estate and other assets
  • Injunctions and actions for emergent relief
  • Judgment collection
  • Judgment enforcement on out-of-state judgments
  • Landlord/Tenant proceedings & evictions
  • Preference and avoidance actions filed by debtors and trustees
  • Real estate foreclosure
  • Repossessions of automobiles and secured collateral
  • Tax sale foreclosure
  • Trade debt and accounts receivable
  • Redemptions

Our debt collection attorneys have years of experience assisting business owners and large corporations recover outstanding accounts receivables and bad debt.  In many cases, debt collection methods can result in recovery of most outstanding obligations without a lawsuit becoming necessary (due to the resulting apprehension of a prompt and substantial legal action occurring).  Our attorneys comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and actively achieve substantial recoveries for creditors of all sizes including banks, landlords, homeowners associations, retail companies, manufacturers, distributors, and small businesses.  At the Thurman Law Firm, we recognize that knowing when and how to settle a case is a valuable skill.  However, if litigation is necessary, we have an experienced staff of litigation lawyers that are experienced in collection remedies including liens and garnishments.

We can effectively serve our clients throughout all stages of the debt collection process, beginning with state court litigation and continuing through bankruptcy proceedings.  On quite a few occasions, our lawyers have successfully protected our clients’ interests in evicting tenants, recovering unpaid rent on behalf of landlords of Chapter 11 tenants, and preserving claims as being non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  The Thurman Law Firm uses the most appropriate and cost-effective legal methods to collect delinquent receivables.